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Don Quixote

Music: Ludwig Minkus
Choreography: Elizabeth DiStasio-Waddell

Ballet Synopsis
Kitri, the innkeeper's daughter, is in love with Basil, the village barber, but her mother wishes her to marry Gamache, a wealthy nobleman. Don Quixote and his squire, Sancho Panza arrive at the inn and Don Quixote sees the lovely Kitri and wonders if he has found Dulcinea, the lady of his dreams.

A nearby gypsy camp entertains Don Quixote and Sancho with dancing and a puppet show. Don Quixote mistakes the puppet heroine for his Dulcinea, and fearing she is in harm's way, attacks the puppet theater. Continuing on to windmills nearby, he mistakes them for giants, attacks one, and is thrown to the ground. Resting from his bout with the windmills, Don Quixote falls into a deep sleep where he dreams of dancing maidens and Kitri, who symbolizes his beloved Dulcinea.

Don Quixote is awakened by the Duke of Barcelona, who invites him to a great fiesta. The Duke has devised a plan to trick Don Quixote, by having Basil masquerade as a knight and challenge him to a duel. During the festivities, Don Quixote thinks he sees his Dulcinea being guarded by a mysterious knight. The knight challenges him to a duel and Don Quixote is defeated. Basil reveals himself to Don Quixote and announces his betrothal to Kitri. Don Quixote now knows he has not found his Dulcinea and leaves on another adventure.

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